Why trading stocks suits the lifestyle of a freelancer

Forex trading matches with the lifestyle of a freelancer in many ways. The reason is that in each, one becomes a boss and does things according to their practices. There are many reasons why most freelancers do stock trading and why some have even merged these careers and engaged fully […]

Forex trading matches with the lifestyle of a freelancer in many ways. The reason is that in each, one becomes a boss and does things according to their practices. There are many reasons why most freelancers do stock trading and why some have even merged these careers and engaged fully in the stock trade. Other than the few disadvantages linked to it, such as losing the invested amount, Forex trading is one of the vital investments you can undertake. With it, you can be making money even when asleep. Below are some of the reasons why trading is best for a freelance lifestyle.

Flexible schedule

Freelancers do set their own time, when and how to work depends on the projects they are carrying. With freelance, you can take part of your time and do stock trading as you wait for your jobs to be approved and other things.

With freelancing, you won’t be able to miss the most profitable markets to invest in. You have your own time, and you work at your own pace. You can finish with trading before picking new tasks after you get done with it. The open arrangement will enable any freelance to juggle between forex trading and freelancing. One earns money through freelancing and also through trading, making them have different sources of income.

Tax deductions

When freelancing, no one hires you, except your client, neither you are under anyone’s payroll. One individual, the freelancer, undertakes all duties, payments, tax responsibility, and work. By performing both freelancing and stock trading, the freelancer can easily file taxes as an independent contractor, since they don’t work under anyone, just like in forex trading. With these taxes, the freelancer gets the benefits of paying fewer taxes than those employed by different sectors. Some of these taxes get paid indirectly and can be deducted from things freelancers had spent on, including promotional materials, business cards, gas, parking fees, computers, and others as long as they are related to the work they do.

Fewer working hours

With freelancing, you don’t have to work 40 hours a week. The same approach applies to forex trading since you determine when to work and when to take a break.

A freelancer can easily balance their time, deciding when to work and when to conduct the stock-trading. They can choose to take the freelance duties early in the morning while waiting for the right time to do stock trading. Trading stocks fit a freelancer’s life because they can easily alternate between freelancing and trading when the market is good. They have all the time.

Working place

Stock trading and freelancing go hand in hand; they don’t require a fixed working place. The freelancer can work anywhere, whether at home, in a restaurant, traveling, overseas, and other remote areas without worrying about losing their jobs and such. This same working model applies to stock trading since its part of freelancing.

The freelancer can buy and sell their shares anywhere, whether in their houses, at the stations, when flying, on vacations, overseas, and any other area as long as they have laptops, smartphones, and reliable internet. With both jobs, you can’t tie yourself in one place. You can move anywhere, anytime, and have your jobs ongoing.

Variable income

It’s not easy to approximate an influencer income, the same as the income got from forex trading. All these depend on various factors, including market trends. Since freelancers can plan and program their lives to accommodate unstable income, they can easily handle forex trading. With forex trading, you don’t get profits every day. Even if you do, amounts vary depending on the market.

In both scenarios, one becomes diligent. It requires learning on several aspects concerning finances and expenses, and the need to be ahead of everything, including carrying on your business. These two investments also require one to understand different functions, including accounting, billing, licensing, contracts, and much more. They end up getting self-independent in running a business.


To be successful in freelancing, you must be good at networking to earn those contracts and check on what’s new in the market. The same applies to stock trading. You need to understand how the markets are faring on, the best time to invest, the best time to withdraw, and other requirements. Without networks on any of the two, you’ll end up losing or closing the business since you won’t get the right information on time. Freelancers are connected, and they can be the best people who can do trading due to this connection with the outside world.

As they conduct their freelancing business, they can be checking how the market is fairing on, when to invest, when not to, and other aspects considered necessary during forex trading. Networking is crucial if you want to build your career both in freelancing and in stock-trading.

Low cost

Does it even cost a penny to run freelancing? Unless when starting the business. You will require to have a laptop and a stable internet for successful freelancing. In stock-trading, other than using a laptop and internet, you need minimum funds you can invest. Other than these costs, you don’t require any funds to run these two entities. These activities don’t require licenses unless there is a need for it; they don’t require extensive capital, employees, subordinate staff, and any other things necessary to start a formal business. It will just be you, your computer, and the internet to get going. Licensing is required if the government wants to know what you do, where you live, and if you have employed anyone in your business. Other than this, it’s the most capital-less investment you can ever conduct in the world. Any freelancer can make some savings and start forex trading to have more income.

While it’s not a must that you should do forex trading while freelancing, it’s one of the most lucrative investments you can make if you already know how to get in and out of it. It can be risky but pays well at the end if carried well.

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