Big Tech quiet in data privacy initiative fight

Proposition 24 on the November ballot is pitched as an expansion of California’s already robust consumer data privacy law, an iron cuff on the claws of companies that profit handsomely from tracking and selling your online search, travel and purchase habits to marketers. But the technology giants seemingly square in […]

Prepare for a Fight Over This Fund Management Asset

Yes, the mergers that produced market behemoths Standard Life Aberdeen Plc and Janus Henderson Group Plc were bedeviled by the complication of combining different cultures, and the ensuing outflows of customer cash have deterred other firms from following suit. But the motivation that spurred those tie-ups – the need to bulk up and […]

Secret Service stepping up in fight against cyber-enabled financial crimes

Best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to Federal Drive’s daily audio interviews on Apple Podcasts or PodcastOne. Sometimes overlooked in the great cybersecurity battle is the role of the Secret Service. Drawing on its heritage of stopping currency counterfeiting, the Secret Service investigates cyber enabled financial crimes of all […]