‘Hotel Paranormal’ Episode 9: Three hotel guests encounter spirits protecting closely guarded secrets

The saying goes: “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” But what if all of them are dead? Do they take the secret with them to their grave or will the spirits of the dead stop at nothing to make sure it is protected from the […]

The saying goes: “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” But what if all of them are dead? Do they take the secret with them to their grave or will the spirits of the dead stop at nothing to make sure it is protected from the living? In the latest episode of ‘Hotel Paranormal’, Peg Knickerbocker, Karlo Zuzic and Lyn Slim are terrorized by spirits who will stop at nothing to make sure that the hotel’s secrets are guarded. 

Peg Knickerbocker and Karlo Zuzic – Pennsylvania, 2000s

Peg Knickerbocker (Travel Channel)

Peg Knickerbocker was the new owner of a hotel, that she previously often frequented as a customer, in a small town in Pennsylvania. However, Knickerbocker always believed that there was a purpose to her purchase and that the building always attracted her in some way. One morning, as she began prepping for the day, she heard clanking noises and voices but was unable to make out any coherent words. This unnerved her because she was the only one in the hotel at that time. Only moments later, she saw the door to the kitchen open and there was a figure of a man with a pale complexion, balding head, checkered shirt. He gave her a smile and stepped back inside the room.

Knickerbocker, who assumed someone had trespassed on the property, followed the figure into the kitchen, but there was no one there. This also made her recall a similar incident from when she came by the hotel in summer 1978 and had an eerie experience where she heard a voice call out to her, “Peg, help me!” In another incident, after she assumed ownership, she had only replaced an antique clock in the lobby with a mirror when a frightened employee noticed that it had suddenly come off the wall and begun floating towards them, before shattering to pieces.

Karlo Zuzic (Travel Channel)

By this time, Knickerbocker had come to accept that what she was dealing with was definitely other-worldly. Desperate to get to the bottom of the strange happenings, she hired paranormal investigator, Karlo Zuzic and his assistant, to help her get some insight on the hotel’s mystery. Knickerbocker mainly wanted to know why the voice, that sounded like it belonged to a child, was calling out to her. The investigators set up equipment in all of the hotspots within the hotel where Knickerbocker said she had experienced activity. They captured a recording of what seemed like two spirits talking over an Electronic Voice Phenomenon recorder (EVP), warning each other.

Zuzic saw croquet balls rolling across the floor in the room where Knickerbocker said she heard a child’s voice. Right after, the two paranormal investigators experience a slew of activity until it ceases altogether and leaves them in utter silence. Zuzic was terrorized by a malevolent spirit as he was asleep in the child’s room and even saw the shadowy silhouette of a person. He realized that he was dealing with more than one spirit, so the hotel was haunted by multiple spirits. 

Lyn Slim — England, 2017

Lyn Slim (Travel Channel)

Retail manager Lyn Slim was looking to have a relaxing getaway from the stress of life for a short while amid the wild Moores of Northern England. She had booked herself a room in a hotel that was once a Lord’s manor in the 17th century. Slim was impressed by the hotel’s historic elegance and marveled over its old architecture and furniture. Her first paranormal encounter at the hotel took place right after checking in. She was walking up the stairs from the lobby towards her room when she noticed the apparition of a lady dressed in grey for only a split second.

Slim, a psychic who believes in the paranormal, was only trying to settle in and enjoy her little holiday when she felt a presence in the room. But she couldn’t comprehend what was going on. The next morning as she was getting ready to go out and enjoy the scenic views the manor had to offer, she felt a sudden chill down her spine. Glancing across the room, she was greeted by a woman in a maid’s ensemble walking through the wall. However, she didn’t feel threatened by the presence. Instead, she felt immense bouts of pain and sadness. She encountered the lady in grey yet again and this time the experience was less than friendly. 

‘Hotel Paranormal’ airs on Saturdays at 10/9c on Travel Channel.

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