Financial Security in the New Way of Life”

Krungsri Consumer introduces a new Facebook Live Program – “New Normal, More Money: Financial Security in the New Way of Life” Offering insights from gurus to help people get through financial crisis Krungsri Consumer, the leading provider of credit cards and personal loans, led by Nayanee Peaugkham, Chairwoman of Krungsri […]

Krungsri Consumer introduces a new Facebook Live Program – “New Normal, More Money: Financial Security in the New Way of Life”

Offering insights from gurus to help people get through financial crisis

Krungsri Consumer, the leading provider of credit cards and personal loans, led by Nayanee Peaugkham, Chairwoman of Krungsri Consumer, has announced a new program “New Normal, More Money: Financial Security in the New Way of Life” streaming live on Facebook through the “Chalardkid Chalardchai” page. The program features live interviews with business executives, finance gurus, and popular YouTubers who will be sharing insights and giving advice and tips for personal finance in the wake of the challenging “New Normal” Covid-19 era. Now celebrating its 4th year, Chalardkid Chalardchai is a communication campaign initiated by Krungsri Consumer to offer an innovative way to enhance knowledge about personal finance for the new generation. 

Nayanee Peaugkham, Chairwoman of Krungsri Consumer, says, “As the leader in the credit card and personal loan sector with social responsibility, Krungsri Consumer recognises the importance of strong knowledge and discipline in personal finance, especially for the younger generation, students, and early-career professionals. In 2017, Krungsri Consumer launched Chalardkid Chalardchai as a communication campaign with its official Facebook account “Chalardkid Chalardchai.” This has provided us with a medium to reach out and increase awareness in our target demographics. The continuous stream of activities includes seminars on personal finance, workshops on additional income generation, roadshows about personal finance in various universities throughout the country, and the latest initiative “New Normal, More Money: Financial Security in the New Way of Life” streamed through Chalardkid Chalardchai Facebook Live. This program features experts from the world of business and finance who would share insights on various topics such as lifestyle inspirations, how to spend wisely, and business opportunities that would be topical for those going through this uniquely challenging time.”

Starting with the first guru, Rawit Hanutsaha, CEO of Srichand United Dispensary and owner of the 

“Mission to the Moon” Facebook page. He shares useful advice regarding financial management for business organisations.

“There are two parts to the mantra for handling the ‘new normal’ challenges,” he says. “First, maintain a healthy level of liquidity which, in turn, depends on how efficiently you can manage three factors – cashflow, inventory, and effective communications with clients and banks. Every organisation needs to keep an eye on these issues and closely monitor them every day in order to adjust and anticipate any problem before it gets out of control. Secondly, “travel light”, which means business entities should not sit on too much assets. The amount of assets owned should be cut down as much as possible to reduce financial burden and business risk. This way, organisations will be more agile and capable of adapting when facing crises. Aside from efficient financial management, all members of the organisation should always be on guard and prepare for changes that come with the modern world by constantly improving their skills. Basic qualities for personnel are creativity, courage to think outside the box, to speak their mind, and to initiate, as well as willingness to keep learning.”

When it comes to adapting to the changing business game, Thanaphan Wongchinsri, owner of Penguin Eat Shabu, explains the business ideas that help the company get through the Covid-19 crisis.

“Since I started Penguin Eat Shabu, I have always been determined to emphasise using online media, mainly Facebook, as the key marketing channel,” he says. “During the lockdown, we had to temporarily suspend our dine-in service at the restaurant, and offer only takeaway and delivery, so the only channel we could communicate with the customers was online. So, as ‘normal is forgettable’, we created new content to distinguish ourselves from other brands. We had to think different and be bold with the brand’s character. We directed our messages through online channels, making it easier to reach customers more widely. That was the game changer for us cruising through the Covid-19 crisis and I think this insight is applicable to other business organisations as well.” 

In addition to insights for business organisations, Jakkapong Mespan, aka ‘The Money Coach’ gave advice on personal finance for those aiming for financial independence and security. 

“Think of financial planning as a springboard to your success,” he counsels. “If you want to live a comfortable and financially secure life, good planning makes it easier to envisage the future you want. There are three pillars to financial planning. First is to have a clear goal when it comes to your finance. Second is to implement the plan, by writing down how much money you can spend and how much to save. By keeping track of your expense and budget, the results become clearer. And third, financial security after retirement requires prudent investment planning. Most importantly, you have to be mindful of how you spend money, as well as having more than one source of income, and learn proper techniques to plan your finance which would help you manage risk and avoid costly mistakes.”

Adding to personal finance and business finance, Chalardkid Chalardchai also features online marketing insights from Sopha (Zoe) Pimsiripanich, a former pharmacist who now owns a fashion brand, Zoe Scarf, and a digital marketing website “Zoe Digital Shortcut”. She shared some tips for selling on online platforms,

“There are four steps in selling on online platforms, starting from creating awareness,” she advises. “That could be done even without buying any ad but simply by sharing your post to the store’s webpage or online communities. The second step is to create interesting content, by saying what your target group wants to hear, doing what they want to see, and writing what they want to read. Do this consistently and then, in the third step which is to stimulate demand through marketing activities, you can convert followers into customers. This might take the form of a limited-time flash sale. But make sure that the purchase requires as little effort as possible from the customers. For example, sharing your account number in text format is better than in a picture, as it enables your customer to just copy and paste the number into their online banking app. This helps close the sale more quickly and effectively.” 

You can also find more insights and advice on money management from business gurus and famous YouTubers with interesting lifestyles.The line-up of guests includes Tharis Toranavikrai of BoomTharis on various platforms; Amphaphan Khamkhun on Facebook; Thanom (Bugnom) Ketem, tax expert and owner of TaxBugnoms blog; Siwat Singhasuttakorn, owner of financial planning website Insuranger; Anupong (Maibat) Chaiyaraj, real estate and credit expert from Maibat Money and Maibat Condo; and Nayanee Peaugkham, Chairwoman of Krungsri Consumer, Meet them on Facebook Live “Chalardkid Chalardchai” every Saturday from 6pm to 7pm throughout July – September 2020, with Thanakorn Chinakul (DJ Beau) and Raweeroj Lertphiphopmetha (DJ We) as your hosts. 

For useful personal finance tips, and a variety of interesting activities, be sure to follow the Facebook account Chalardkid Chalardchai by Krungsri Consumer.

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