Digital Marketing Strategist, Abu Fofanah, is the Brains Behind Entrepreneurs Looking to Accelerate their Growth

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / From the onset, Abu Fofanah had already put himself in a position to develop his skills and lay the foundation for the kind of work he excels in today. Thrusting himself into the corporate world at the age of 17, […]

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / From the onset, Abu Fofanah had already put himself in a position to develop his skills and lay the foundation for the kind of work he excels in today.

Thrusting himself into the corporate world at the age of 17, Abu quickly learned the value of effective problem solving, quick thinking, and staying future focused.

In his time working with other professionals, businesses, and emerging entrepreneurs, Abu experienced leading projects of all sorts and growing a diverse range of businesses. Yet even as he accelerated in this regard, he began to feel a pull in another direction.

About four years ago, dissatisfied with the corporate world and wanting to make more of a difference, Abu decided to take a leap of faith and start out on his own. His next adventure, creating his own business dedicated to helping others grow in their entrepreneurial pursuits. As the chief decision maker, Abu was able to choose the type of clients that he felt he personally could make the greatest impact.

Throughout his time helping entrepreneurs develop the skill set needed to succeed online, Abu constantly realized certain voices being suppressed. He noticed the lack of diversity in the service providers and also lack of underdeveloped skills possessed by the business owner. This oftentimes, led them to being taken advantage of because of the lack of understanding. Many times the entrepreneur didn’t have a dominant say in the direction they saw their businesses, and it was people like Abu’s job to help them achieve that dream as efficiently as possible. But for many women, especially black women and women of color, Abu observed that their business direction was often being dictated for them without any regard for the original business owner’s input.

Abu wanted to change this practice and help women of color realize that not only is their dream for their business obtainable, but the tools to get them there are more accessible than they might think. In establishing strong relationships with his clients, Abu wishes to create a partnership that allows growth and disregards expectations of exclusivity.

This led Abu to start Power Your Launch, a virtual marketing accelerator for founders where he focuses on training business owners and entrepreneurs on how to market & monetize their business online and on social. Abu’s organization has worked with over 2,000 business owners, 90% of whom being black women, and women of color. On top of this, Abu has cultivated success with entrepreneurs of all ages and experience levels. By creating an environment open to emerging business owners of all kinds, Abu has created an inclusive, successful community working together to realize their dreams.

Working with Abu and his organization, business owners are encouraged to use their own voice as much as possible, while Abu helps them better understand certain gaps that may be preventing them from realizing potential growth. Three major gaps he sees impeding new business owners are not knowing the tools for growth are out there, not extending their product or service past friends and family, and not being able to explain their product or service in such a way that allows maximum growth.

Abu’s services aim to be mindset focused while still introducing business owners to the tools that will enable their success. For many, these tools seem daunting or ineffective for their particular business. But by breaking everything down into easily digestible and practical methods and examples, Abu helps his client realize that the same sort of methods used by the most successful brands can be easily utilized for your emerging business.

With online marketing and the importance of conquering the digital landscape, Abu introduces his clients to the sort of targeted advertising and marketing strategies that will lay the foundation for the growth of their business. He understands that advertising isn’t the silver bullet. But with all the effort going into understanding his clients brand initially, a solid understanding and utilization of these platforms will allow his clients to amplify what’s working and spark significant growth.

Abu Fofanah’s goal is to teach as many people as possible the necessary skill sets that can change their economic situations for the better. He wants all his clients to feel in total control of their life, and not be relying on unreliable and ineffective forces to save them from struggle. By discovering and utilizing the tools available to business owners of all kinds, immense success and total control is possible.

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