Best Prime Day Home & Kitchen Deals

Amazon Prime Day is an amazing opportunity to upgrade your space with the best prime day deals on home and kitchen items. This year it’s even bigger and better than Black Friday, so stock up now and actually enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers rather than battling the online masses for deals […]

Miele Washing Machine Jargon Buster

Baffled by washing machine manufacturer jargon? You’re not alone. From ‘honeycomb drum’ to ‘AutoDos unit’, manufacturers are keen to stand out from their rivals with their own unique terms for their machines’ features and specification. To help you make sense of it all, we’ve put together this jargon buster for […]

11 Best Steam Irons for 2020

When you want that pressed-from-the-dry-cleaner look, you need a powerful steam iron to get your clothing fabrics crisp and wrinkle-free. Sure, garment steamers can get the job done, but it’s the heat and weight of a steam iron (plus the support provided by your ironing board) that assure you get […]

Do they Protect Against COVID-19?

As the number of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths increase, face masks, neck gaiters, and face shields have almost become a second skin. Several studies have shown how effective face masks can protect you from viral air particles, and how face shields can help supplement this – but, what about […]

Alsco’s Spotless Garments acquisition raises preliminary competition concerns

The ACCC has preliminary competition concerns about the proposed acquisition by Alsco Pty Ltd of Spotless Laundries’ garment laundering business (Spotless Garments), which is part of Spotless Group Holdings Limited. Spotless Group Holdings Limited is wholly-owned by Downer EDI Limited (ASX:DOW). Alsco and Spotless Garments both offer commercial laundry services […]

Garment of Shadows : NPR

Chapter One I was in bed. A bed, at any rate. I had been flattened by a steam-roller, trampled under a stampede of bison. Beaten by a determined thug. I ached, head to toe, fingers and skin. Mostly head. My skull throbbed, one hot pulse for every beat of my […]