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Payroll NSHE Payroll Services Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Payroll Services provides employee pay and customer service to all of NSHE’s institutions of higher education, but is conveniently located at the University of Nevada, Reno in Ross Hall. Through the Payroll Services website, you may learn how to enroll […]



MyNEVADA is your portal to course enrollments, grades, personal information and more. Instructors can use this website to access class rosters, email your class, enter final grades, view your class schedule, and see academic dates and deadlines. For assistance, please see the Instructor Task Center.


Technology support and training

Teaching & Learning Technology (TLT)

TLT is comprised of both Classroom Support and the Instructional Design Team (IDT). Their primary purpose is classroom and instructional support, but they also provide training and support to all employees who work with web content and/or send bulk emails. TLT provides support for instructional design, instructional technologies, such as WebCampus, and technology found in the University’s classrooms. TLT also provides training on making online content accessible. Visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies to learn more about the following:

  • WebCampus Resources
  • Workshops and Training
  • Classroom Technology Support
  • Accessibility and Captioning Support
  • Instructional Design and Technology Resources

Teaching & Learning Technologies



WolfDocs (OnBase) is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes, and cases. WolfDocs speeds up processes and reduces costs by capturing important information into one system; managing data, documents, and processes; integrating with your existing systems; providing instant access to everyone who needs it; giving visibility into your processes and system performance and securely storing, protecting and deleting your information.

  • Capture: Capture your documents and data to one system
  • Manage: Better manage your data, documents, and processes
  • Access: Easily access your content from anywhere
  • Integrate: Integrate OnBase with your other applications
  • Measure: Monitor your process and system performance
  • Store: Securely store, retain and control your content

Please see WolfDocs support for instructions.

WolfDocs is available for download in the Software Center on your University-supported computer.



The PCard is a University of Nevada, Reno’s MasterCard credit card. PCards may be issued to departments or individual employees as a tool for facilitating and streamlining small dollar purchases up to $1,999.99 (departmental cards) and $4,999.99 (individual cards only). PCards are issued with built in electronic controls which limit the types of vendors, dollar amount of single purchases, total dollar amount of monthly purchases, number of transactions per day and total number of transactions per month. Cardholders are required to provide a “default” account number which will be automatically charged should they neglect to reconcile their charges in Workday.

The PCard team can help you with any of the following PCard questions or processes:

  • Process New Cardholder Applications
  • Issues New Cards to the Cardholder
  • Locating and reconciling transaction in Workday
  • Questions regarding PCard policies and procedures

Please note that the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will not provide support to computers purchased with PCards. OIT will only support computer equipment obtained via purchase order.

For computer purchases or transactions that will exceed the above limits, please use a Purchase Order (PO) requisition. To learn how, please visit the Knowledge Base article: How to create a requisition for goods or services, or watch the recorded workshop on purchases training (NetID login is required for the Knowledge Base).

PCard Program

Managing assets


AssetWorks is the University’s Asset Management System. It is used for initiation of requisitions for equipment and sensitive assets that must be tracked. Users may register assets, make surplus requests, and request that tracked items be physically transferred from one location to another. AssetWorks integrates with Workday to produce asset reports to aid in tracking equipment that you may be responsible for. For training, see our training calendar.


Surplus policy and procedure

When a computer or other asset is no longer usable or needed, the University re-purposes this equipment through the Business Center North (BCN) Surplus Program. Old assets (computers, furniture, lab equipment, vehicles, and more) are relocated to our surplus warehouse at 425 Church Lane. Departments, units, and divisions are welcome to acquire these items and put them back to work. Once a month, BCN Purchasing holds a surplus property sale that is open to the public.

Process for sending a computer to surplus

Request for non-computer items to be transferred to surplus

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