Five Marketing Lessons From Money Management

Mark Nicholson is the Marketing VP for Match Financial personal loans, credit and debt solutions.

Over the years, I’ve worked as a marketer in various verticals. After a stint of McJobs that followed high school, I eventually settled into a career in communications within finance news, transitioned later to marketing and eventually found myself in marketing communications for personal finance. 

No matter the industry, one of the main challenges I’ve faced is the allocation of the marketing budget in order to get the most out of our spend — in fact, it’s a common challenge for most marketers. 

Working in the financial sector, for a company that offers personal loans, credit and debt solutions, I’ve realized there are several personal money management lessons that can be applied to marketing. 

Make Your Money Work For You

Saving money is just smart, but where you put it can make a world

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Assessing the ecommerce marketing landscape, or what changed in 2020?

30-second summary:

  • Consumer demand and interests have changed as people are increasingly shopping for products they never purchased online before.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, consumer interest in online shopping has increased by 50% YoY.
  • Ecommerce sites are seeing traffic numbers exceeding the holiday-time shopping spikes, hitting a 25 billion monthly visits mark.
  • While digital ad spend is down by an average of 20%, ecommerce businesses might see an opportunity in the midst of the crisis as CPC costs are also decreasing.

The global pandemic has turned the tables on how ecommerce brands do business. While the full impact of COVID-19 is yet to be assessed, some market trends can already be spotted and put to use by ecommerce businesses that want to stay afloat in the slowing economy.

Having analyzed 2000+ of the largest ecommerce sites worldwide from various industries, SEMrush pinpointed the key shifts in consumer demand and

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New Report Says B2B Influencer Marketing Still Has Massive Room For Growth

Business-to-business (B2B) influencer marketing (IM) isn’t new, but a recent report from TopRank Marketing shows many companies, large and small, are still struggling with it, even after all of these years.

The 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report, the first of its kind, takes an in-depth look at brands, B2B influencers, and case studies to highlight industry best practices and offer recommendations for those working to develop their B2B influencer marketing strategies. 

Digging into the results, one can quickly see a trend in B2B marketers who are optimistic about influencer marketing yet not confident about their ability to execute.

So, why the disconnect?

I had an opportunity to talk with report author Lee Odden, CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing, to dig a bit deeper.

Q: Why aren’t brands confident about their ability to execute

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Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation: What’s the Difference?

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table: Emails list on a laptop screen isolated on a woodendesk with a beautiful garden outside of the window

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Emails list on a laptop screen isolated on a woodendesk with a beautiful garden outside of the window

Are you confused about the difference between email marketing and marketing automation? It’s not surprising because there’s a lot of conflicting information out there.

Some people define email marketing as the ability to send content and track the success of your email campaigns. Some industry experts have even coined the term “email marketing automation” as a kind of halfway house between the two concepts.

You can also choose software that combines email marketing and marketing automation functionality, while some solutions provide full email marketing capabilities with a bit of marketing automation thrown in. Yep, we’re not surprised you’re confused.

There is overlap, but this email marketing vs. marketing automation comparison aims to demystify the topic.

• Complexity

• Sales cycle

• B2B vs B2C

• Assets

• Behavior tracking

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Get human in your marketing now to reach B2B buyers in 2021

30-second summary:

  • COVID-19 has decimated budgets and lengthened the B2B sales cycle for everything but the core essentials most companies need to operate.
  • As economies reopen and the road to recovery advances, the brands that will reach prospects this year who then convert into buyers in 2021 are the ones who take a human-centric approach in how they first listen and then talk to their audience.
  • To remain competitive, B2B companies must adopt human-centric marketing approaches with a digital twist that will help them engage, retain, and build connections with their audience online.

COVID-19 has drastically changed the B2B marketing landscape for 2020 and beyond. Overnight, you had to shift perspective, strategies, and business goals before moving forward. Like any sudden economical shift, those that adapt quickly and apply industry best practices will pull through the tough times. And those that lag in adoption, they will lag even further behind.

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Meet the 25 chief marketing officers to watch in 2020

  • As the pandemic speeds up the transformation of the advertising industry, a new crop of marketers are leading change at their companies and in the ad industry through data-driven marketing and breakthrough creative campaigns.
  • They are also meeting new challenges posed by the pandemic.
  • Here’s Business Insider’s second annual ranking of the chief marketing officers to watch.
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The coronavirus has sped up the radical transformation of the advertising industry — but a new crop of marketers is rising to the occasion.

For the second year in a row, Business Insider has identified the chief marketing officers to watch. Our list recognizes the up-and-comers rethinking the status quo and reshaping marketing at established brands like Starbucks and Lowe’s and challenger brands like Poshmark and TikTok.

Separate from our annual compilation of the 25 most innovative chief marketing officers, these executives are

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Your B2B Marketing Career: A Parable

Long before mindfulness was a thing, Melanie was everybody’s “best friend.” When she’s with you, she makes you feel like you are the only person in the world: She fully celebrates your best moments; she feels your sadness.

She is your person.

But it isn’t just with other people that Melanie is able to be fully present in the moment. She also feels the calmness and peace of being in nature. And in yoga class, when everyone else is falling over while trying to hold a tree pose, her mind is free from distractions, her body still as a lake on a perfect summer day.

Like everyone, Melanie does have her moments. She’s a morning person, so her anger burns as bright as her red hair when her fiancé, Noah, won’t get out of bed until noon on a weekend. Her mom has nagged her about the way she dresses

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During COVID, Affiliate Marketing Is Emerging As a Cost-effective Channel For Brands

8 min read

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With the outbreak of the pandemic, going for performance-oriented channels has become a prerequisite for stability. Several advertisers are struggling with low marketing budgets and a pressure to drive return on investment (RoI) through limited spends, especially owing to current times. The most common dilemma for companies is to decide where to focus their marketing budgets on, after investing in one’s own in-house paid channels. ‘Affiliate channels’ often provide desirable solutions, as the performance of such activities can be assessed and paid for. When the budgets are lower, investing on a marketing channel where one gets to pay per lead or pay per transaction, could be the safest bet during the current crisis compared with other marketing channels.

With the ongoing challenges of customer acquisition and

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Why I Switched From Sales To Marketing

CEO and Founder of Brand North. Digital Marketing & Growth Consulting. Results Based. Data Driven.

Saying that I’m happy I moved from sales to marketing is a little bit of a lie. Any real sales leader can’t ever truly leave the sales industry. I love sales, and having spent time as a vice president of sales for a private equity-owned company, my mind is trained to look at sales channels, sales pipelines, conversion ratios and KPIs.

Consultative sales leaders aren’t working from the “how to win friends and influence others” playbook anymore. Don’t get me wrong — a great salesperson should have interpersonal skills and be able to make a dinner table laugh, but sales leaders have to be in the numbers, adjusting behaviors based on data.

Marketing at a high level is not much different. Sales managers are very revenue-driven and KPI-oriented. Taking this same mindset into

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Ridgeland Tourism names new Director of Marketing and Public Relations

The Ridgeland Tourism Commission announced the selection of Savannah Tirey as its new director of marketing and public relations, effective Aug. 17, 2020.

Tirey brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the realm of public relations, having served for four years as a public relations specialist at Mississippi Development Authority. In this role, she served as the Visit Mississippi marketing and public relations liaison, fostering key relationships with tourism industry partners and executing marketing strategies at the state, regional, national and international level.

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She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Mississippi, and prior to working with MDA, she served as director of communications for the Mississippi Energy Institute.

“The Commission’s board of directors is excited about its selection and anticipates continued success in the facilitation of Visit Ridgeland communication activities under Mrs. Tirey’s leadership,” said Ridgeland Tourism Commission Board President Lan

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