Caesars Entertainment UK Selects Agilysys IG OnDemand For Contactless Food & Beverage Ordering & Payment Self-Service

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Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS), a leading global provider of next-generation hospitality software solutions and services, today announced that Caesars Entertainment – UK has expanded its existing relationship with Agilysys with the addition of its innovative new contactless food and beverage ordering solution, IG OnDemand, across its properties.

A longtime user of Agilysys’ award-winning InfoGenesis POS, Caesars looked to Agilysys again to solve their touchless guest food & beverage ordering challenges while encouraging social distancing. IG OnDemand is helping Caesars to provide contactless self-service at 7 of their UK based casinos for their main bars and gaming floors, while providing an exceptional guest experience. With IG OnDemand, Caesars can:

  • Allow guests to view and order from a variety of food & beverage locations.

  • Enable guest spending at any time, on any mobile device.

  • Increase revenue opportunities through the

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How to design the ultimate Zoom-friendly home office

Like many of us, I’m spending a lot of time working from home (more than half my waking hours!). And I’m working with people whom I’ve never met in person and whose image of me is solely based on a rectangular representation in a Zoom window.

As such, I recently embarked on an office redesign intended to 1) make my space comfortable and 2) make me proud of how I look on the many video calls that now dominate my days. To anyone scoffing at this second point, consider how much money and effort people put into things like clothing, shoes, and makeup, all with the goal of making a good impression. I’d argue that a good home video call setup has become the pandemic-era equivalent.

After receiving a sufficient number of questions about my new home office, I’ve documented the details of my setup. Here are 14 products I

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Climate Change Is A Marketing Problem

As professionals living in a rural area, my husband and I take every opportunity to enhance the infrastructure of our 1846 home while preserving the beauty of the countryside surrounding us. We pay attention to the energy sources we use, and probably like a lot of readers, over the past several years we’ve taken steps both to reduce consumption and to harness energy for collective usage within the community. 

For example, when we discovered the tree canopy prevents us from effectively positioning solar panels on the property, we joined a community solar farm. The farm collects energy from nearby fields and deposits it into the energy grid that powers our public schools, municipal buildings, and municipal vehicle fleet, which is mostly electric. We get financial credits on our electricity bill, and the town saves money on gas and propane. It’s a good deal for everyone, and a great example

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Picarro Expands Presence in Asia with New Customer Service and Support Office in South Korea

SANTA CLARA, California, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  Picarro Inc., a leading provider of trace gas analyzers for a variety of air monitoring applications, is expanding its presence in Asia by opening a customer service and support office in Hwaseong, South Korea. Having sales staff, repair services, and replacement parts available locally will allow the company to better support its growing customer base there.

Picarro, Inc., a leading provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across many scientific applications and industrial markets.
Picarro, Inc., a leading provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across many scientific applications and industrial markets.

“Our portfolio of extremely sensitive and accurate analyzers enables semiconductor and equipment manufacturers to identify and mitigate airborne molecular contamination in the fab faster, resulting in better yield,” said John Park, General Manager at Picarro. “With several key semiconductor fabs and equipment manufacturers located in South Korea, and increasing adoption of our scientific instruments in other industries,

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Public cloud providers seek closer collaboration with telcos

With 5G networks proliferating across the US, public cloud providers are looking for ways to harness the new business opportunities that these faster, more sophisticated networks are likely to create. At the same time, telecom operators are trying to figure out how to optimize their edge networks and make good on their promises of delivering low-latency applications.

Two recent developments in this area are bringing cloud providers and telecom operators together and fueling new collaborations – Google Cloud Platform’s membership in the Linux Foundation Network (LFN) and Microsoft’s debut of Azure for Operators, a carrier-grade cloud platform that incorporates edge compute capabilities.

GCP’s membership in LFN was announced during that organization’s Open Networking and Edge Summit. GCP will be a Platinum member in LFN and Amol Phadke, managing director of global telecom industry solutions for GCP, will join LFN’s governing board.

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The Man Delivering COVID Vaccines to Poorer Nations – OZY


Because what good is a vaccine if people can’t actually get it?

Growing up in central Illinois the son of a pager salesman and special education teacher, Jacob Becraft began interning at the local USDA research lab in high school. The Peoria site was famous. Without it, the Allies might never have won World War II. That’s because although penicillin had been discovered a decade before, it was scientists at the site who had figured out how to actually mass-produce it — by injecting penicillin molds into cantaloupes.

That strange, crucial discovery was estimated to have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. And the takeaway for Becraft was that sometimes discovering how to manufacture and distribute a cure is even more powerful than discovering the cure itself. “The Nobel Prize was given to the man who discovered penicillin, but the way it got

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How Marketing Unconsciously Manipulates What We Buy

Jose Francisco/Pexels

Source: Jose Francisco/Pexels

We live in a society where money makes the world go round. If we’re fortunate enough to have a consistent job, we spend an average of 90,000 hours during our lifetimes earning money. And we use the rest of our time spending it.

Nearly everything we do requires money, including paying the rent and putting food on the table. According to a 2018 study, however, the average American spends $5,400 per year on impulse purchases. Much of that goes toward food items we don’t really need (think ice cream or dill-pickle flavored potato chips). But a large portion of people also make impulse buys in the categories of fashion, household items, and, of course, shoes. Stack this statistic against the fact that total credit card debt in the country has climbed to just short of 1 trillion dollars—meaning that the average person owes credit card companies around 

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Overstock Celebrates Customer Day on October 4, Kicking Off the Biggest Sale of the Year

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SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On October 4,, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK), a leading online retailer for all things home, launches its biggest sale of the year, offering customers 36 hours of massive markdowns on more than one million top-rated products. With an ongoing commitment to quality and value, Customer Day celebrates Overstock shoppers – offering consumers 70% off on thousands of home furnishings and home improvement items.

“Customer Day is an opportunity to express our immense gratitude and say ‘thank you’ to customers for choosing Overstock,” said Dave Nielsen, President of Overstock Retail. “October 4th is the biggest sale of the year and marks the celebration of 21 years as a leader in the e-commerce space. On top of providing a

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Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Congresspeople, Top Execs to Speak at Universal Music’s Black Caucus Panels

Last week, Universal Music Group and its Task Force for Meaningful Change (in partnership with UMG’s °1824 and Diversity & Inclusion teams, Def Jam Forward, Interscope/Geffen/A&M and Republic Record’s Action Committee), launched a series of special programs and discussions in celebration of this year’s Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference.

The events are free and open to the public. Coming up this week are:

  • “Black and Blue” Sept 29, 5 p.m. ET (streaming here)

Presented by Def Jam Forward, “Black and Blue” is a live conversation on the persistent police brutality in Black and Brown communities. Featuring special guest, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), along with New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Retired NYPD officer Ronald Colter, former NBA player and community activist Royce White and Def Jam Recordings artists Chuck D, Jadakiss and Bobby Sessions, the panel tackles the issue of generational over-policing and begs the question “What

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South Carolina football: Will Muschamp cursing video

The video looks just about like any other South Carolina’s video staff might produce.

It’s Gamecocks coach Will Muschamp calling for USC fans to stand up, maybe for a big moment, with a standard “Spurs Up” in the middle.

But there’s also the matter of the bit of swearing in the middle.

The video popped up on the feed of the Barstool South Carolina Twitter account a few hours before South Carolina’s opener against Tennessee. A school spokesman confirmed its validity to The State, saying it’s a nearly two-year-old outtake.

Muschamp has at times been known for his colorful language on the sidelines and occasionally in press conferences, though that makes him no different than nearly every other coach in the sport.

It is not clear how the video got out, but it’s reasonable to expect the staff never expected the outtake to see the light of day.

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