How to Wash Cashmere by Hand or in a Machine (Because Yes, You Can Do That)

If we could, we would prefer to spend the entire winter wrapped in cashmere sweaters, sweatsuits, beanies, socks and even cashmere bras (thanks for the inspo, Katie Holmes). But no matter how much (or how little) of the super-soft, cozy fabric we end up wearing, we’re bound to end up spilling a bit of coffee, a dab of foundation or even an entire glass of red wine over ourselves at some point. Cue us frantically asking, “does anyone in this house know how to wash cashmere? Or am I destined to spend all my money at the dry cleaners this winter?”

Luckily for everyone, washing cashmere isn’t nearly as tricky as you might fear. Yes, it requires a gentle, focused hand and there are certainly instances when a professional might truly be the best solution, but you absolutely can—and should—tend to your own knits at home. Cashmere is, after all,

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Company wants people to understand shoes’ carbon footprint

LONDON — When Allbirds founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger launched the footwear brand in 2016, they wanted to make a simple-looking shoe that was logo-free. They started with a sneaker that had a wool upper, and ads claimed they were the “world’s most comfortable” shoes.

Their sneakers soon became the go-to footwear of Silicon Valley executives, but they had another mission beyond being fashionable: they wanted to be environmentally-friendly. However, using a sustainability message in marketing at the time wasn’t necessarily the sexiest selling point, explained Allbirds’ sustainability lead Hana Kajimura.

“From the very beginning, Tim and Joey (felt that) getting our product out into the world is key to us having any (environmental) impact. Sustainability is a big topic, it’s really heavy. People don’t really understand (it and) we don’t want to take the risk that we’re going to confuse them. And so, let’s lead with comfort and

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The Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Quarter Sheet with Lid only $11.64 (reg. $19) ::

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According to the description: “Natural aluminum commercial bakeware is made of pure aluminum which will never rust for a lifetime of durability. Baked goods rise and bake evenly due to aluminums superior heat conductivity and the reinforced encapsulated steel rim prevents warping. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware”

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Filthy tourists leave underwear and face masks hanging from trees at ancient Scots beauty spot

Tourists have been slammed for hanging dirty face masks, thongs, socks and bras from trees at an ancient pilgrimage beauty spot in the Scottish Highlands.

Pictures taken at the Munlochy Clootie Well in Ross and Cromarty have been branded branded “rank” after visitors tied their dirty laundry to branches in a bid to ward off sickness and bring them luck.

Traditionally, Clootie Wells are places of pilgrimage in Celtic areas where strips of cloth and rags are left as part of an ancient healing ritual.

a person wearing a costume: Bras are amongst the items being left at the the Munlochy Clootie Well

© Deadline
Bras are amongst the items being left at the the Munlochy Clootie Well

The rags are meant to be dipped in a nearby well and tied to a nearby tree in the hope that sickness or ailment will fade as the rags disintegrate.

But now, inconsiderate explorers have been blasted for leaving their dirty, unhygienic undergarments behind in the woodlands.

John MacInnes, from

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Simple steps to spring clean your wardrobe | The Border Mail

life-style, Spring clean wardrobe

With the warmer weather settling in, spring is the ideal time to declutter your wardrobe. Wellness coach and Australia’s first KonMari method trained organising consultant, Sally Flower has great advice for spring cleaning your wardrobe effectively. “In this current crazy world where chaos, stress and anxiety are prevalent more than ever, having a stress-free start to your day is key,” says Sally. “An organised wardrobe helps create clarity and begins your morning with a positive attitude.” Maximise closet space. The first step is to declutter before you organise. Streamline your wardrobe. Cleaning out any unworn or old clothes and accessories will allow you to see the amount of closet space you have. Before rearranging your closet, it’s important to visualise the storage solutions that will fit your space. Measure your wardrobe dimensions and create designated areas for each category of your belongings. Remember to allocate space

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Mesh Laundry Bags Sale

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Mesh bags protect your garments

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Removing stains from kids’ clothing: Consumer Reports

ST. LOUIS — Back to school might look a little different this year. But some things never change, like the  exceptional ability of kids to stain their clothing, whether it’s grass, gum, or more artistic stains like crayon or Play-Doh. 

The experts at Consumer Reports have some helpful tips on removing stains.

If the stain is still fresh, water alone may actually remove it. But if the stain has set in, a few household items and a good detergent to pretreat it can help.

For crayon—fresh or melted—remove as much as possible. Then work a small amount of dish detergent into the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub the fabric under warm water. Afterward, wash the clothing in the hottest water temperature allowed for the specific fabric.

Use regular laundry detergent and an oxygenated bleach like OxiClean. Let the clothing air-dry and repeat if the stain

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George Wolf, Caring Neighbor Who Glimpsed the Face of Evil, Dies at 92

After Berlin fell, Mr. Wolf headed to Nuremberg, where he served as a translator during the war crimes trials. In 1946, at 19, he boarded a ship to New York, where he started his business and married Beth Horelick, a gifted pianist.

Mr. Wolf was a voracious reader, a keen listener and a witty conversationalist who surrounded himself with artists, musicians, dancers and poets. Above all, he embraced the role of neighbor, and he opened his 16th-floor apartment on Central Park West, with its panoramic views of the park, to friends, many of them fellow tenants he had met in the laundry room or lobby.

Sarah Grunstein, a concert pianist, moved there four years ago. When she opened her front door, she found a notecard from Mr. Wolf that read: “I hear you are a concert pianist and love cats. Welcome to the building. I too love music, the piano,

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Sonoma County dry cleaners hit hard by coronavirus pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March, Sonoma County residents have had far fewer reasons to visit dry cleaners.

Most office employees continue working from home. Graduations and proms were canceled in the spring. And there’s still little opportunity for a night out on the town.

“If people aren’t traveling or having weddings, or aren’t going to work wearing their suits or expected to show up to court, then we’re out of luck,” said Sami Kassis, whose family owns Empire Cleaners in downtown Santa Rosa.

The slowdown of the hospitality industry during the pandemic has dealt another blow to dry cleaners that service restaurants and hotels. In all, local cleaners say they have lost at least half of their normal business since spring.

As a result, to help stop the financial hemorrhaging, cleaners have slashed business hours and resorted to running fewer laundry loads each day. Many are counting

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